Reflections of Life and Beauty

I've been painting, sketching, crafting, and generally creating art for over 15 years now. Until a few years ago, this was simply a hobby and just something to do to pass the time (when there was time that needed passing!).

After the birth of my daughter, life changed dramatically and I needed to do something for me. I became a stay-at-home mom, which was a major change for me. I was also living in a new place with new faces. Dramatic change really does not describe the transformation and process we went through. Becoming a mother was truly wonderful, yet I needed something for me to just be ME again. To find "me" again, I turned back the hands of time to a time during my early (and later) teenage years to find a comfortable and familiar place in art and horses.
In art, one can not create without touching that part of ourselves that is truly "me". Likewise, horses have also been a place of comfort and security, even freedom. It is near impossible to ride or be around horses without revealing your true nature (for even if you don't know it, they can see who you are no matter what).

So out came the brushes and paint. I dusted off the easel and purchased some canvas.

When I was younger, I first started painting using oil paints and Bob Ross's methods, so I started there. Bob worked mostly with landscapes (happy little trees anyone?) so I sought the landscapes around me. There is no better way to fall in love with a place (or at least become comfortable with a place) then to search for the beauty to be found there. Therefore I tried, successfully I might add, to find the connection with this new place and the people that live here.

I have found a passion to bring my discoveries home to others. There is something that eases my soul when looking at a beautiful horse displaying all of God's grace in his movements. I feel a sense of freedom and wonder looking upon these animals and can not resist painting them. Likewise I wish to share my experiences with others. The landscapes around me daily reveal God's presence in my life. A painted sunset, the beauty of falling leaves, and the sparkle of sunlight on the water of the bay speak to my heart of all the little treasures we encounter daily. And finally, I want to help people remember the joy and lights of their lives. Little furry friends that comfort us or the little discoveries of our children remind us that life is fleeting, so daily strive to enjoy every moment to its fullest.

I hope that when you browse through my gallery you find a reason to remember, to reflect, and to just enjoy life. Treasure those that are near and worry not for tomorrow, for we are never promised tomorrow. We are only promised joy in this moment!

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